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Today’s fall-offs, turn downs, and counteroffers are avoidable!

Money Check

Despite being avoidable, they are also on the rise! Recruiters are faced with fewer job openings to search for so their desks are less full. Thus, when there are only one or two candidates in the mix for a potential hire with a client, recruiters become more desperate to “make a deal”. In their desperation,…

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Volunteer Opportunity on the ROW Board 2023-2024

From the President: Recruiters of Wisconsin [ROW] is a state recruiting industry association run by volunteers.  Currently, the ROW Board of Director volunteers include Laurie Hyllberg, Patrick Collins, Erick Gorecki, Mark Gawronski, and myself. A few years ago we decided to stop charging annual membership fees to recruiting firms.  Since then we have leaned on…

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Are you just soliciting HR for jobs? It’s Open Season now.

Ask a Human Resource or Talent Acquisition Rep how many calls they get in a week from recruiters, or even in a day! Then ask them how many email messages they get from recruiters in the same time frame! The larger the company’s employee count, the more extensive the number of contacts they receive. As…

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Recruiter’s Responsibility to “Kill The Deal”

The bottom of the pyramid is where most of the “bricks” need to be laid for the foundation of a Recruiter’s placements.  The steps in the pyramid are full of potential pitfalls, situations, and unpredictable outcomes.  These various steps offer the opportunity to  “kill the deal” if the outcome of these steps leads to concerns…

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