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I didn’t want the job!

“I didn’t want the job!”  I hear this frequently from candidates who withdraw their candidacy from an opportunity before there is even an offer.

Guess what – you couldn’t have the job because it was never offered to you! It’s presumptuous to think every job you consider and don’t want you could have had.

If you are unemployed then I am encouraging and challenging you to get an offer. There is no guarantee of an offer or your acceptance of an offer. If you do get an offer, you still maintain outside interests, family considerations, etc.  Remember, you can say “no” and can continue your search elsewhere.

You need to be diplomatic and professional in your turn offer of employment turndowns.  Maybe they were so impressed with your experience, skills, and personality that they may create ways to accommodate you. Would you want the job if they modified the offer? This situation does not happen if you have walked away from a potential offer.

Don’t say “no” in the process of interviewing when things are moving forward.

You will never know unless you get to the offer stage. What if that difficult manager is fired? It is very likely that a prior respectful turn down will keep the door open. Reconsideration and being revisited are not uncommon if you have already received an offer.

What if the position remains open indefinitely? The company could circle back to you. Leverage yourself and be honest about why you turned it down as maybe they can address your concern and wipe it out!

Receiving an offer you may not want for a variety of reasons will never hurt. An offer is an affirmation that you have represented yourself well. Knowing that you have an offer to consider will instill you with more confidence.

Most job candidates are surprised how other offers start coming in after their first offer. You may have multiple decisions to make. When you do have multiple offers to consider your decisions are clearer and you can make a stronger commitment to the position you accept.

Good luck in your search endeavors and go get an offer!

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