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Your Candidate, Now A New Employee, Has COVID-19 Concerns at Employer

Have you experienced this yet?  The Candidate you have had interviewing during this strange COVID-19 lock-down environment has just accepted the new job with your client employer.  Now that she is starting employment, there is real concern about how the Employer is handling employee and workplace safety.  Is remote-work an option?  For how long?

If you’re looking for a starting place to begin a conversation with your client employer about retaining your newly placed candidate, feel free to read this letter drafted by ROW President, Mark Rowbottom.  (Feel free to use, edit, modify to suit your situation!)


August, 2020




It’s late Friday and beautiful out so I’m not expecting a reply today. I am curious about how CANDIDATE is performing thus far and how HIS/HER presentation went this week.  Also, I am wondering about a permanent position for CANDIDATE and if that is a goal? If so, what would the position look like, etc…?


Oh yes, and my favorite (not) topic.  The Coronavirus:

The COVID “Concern spectrum” is extremely wide.  RECRUITING FIRM workers that are now in-house and across multiple companies are expressing concerns over the indifference some co-workers have about the virus. Masking and spacing seem to be an impossibility and many workers (not picking on CLIENT COMPANY) are not taking it seriously. That being said, efforts are being made by RECRUITING FIRM clients for sure. Enforcement prevents serious challenges for all parties involved.


I know CANDIDATE has been one of many back-at-work employees who since have been sent home to quarantine with compromised and vulnerable housemates I’ll call them. CANDIDATE’s wife, NAME, falls into this category of at-high-risk and it is of great concern to CANDIDATE. I myself, like CANDIDATE, would be concerned especially knowing I’ve already been exposed once and sent home for quarantine. It’s very scary and I personally know of some seriously ill people. It doesn’t seem real because it is so foreign. However, if it hits close to home it becomes very real.


So, business-as-usual these days has turned into the new abnormal! I’m hoping we can keep CANDIDATE at home to keep his immediate family safe from the invisible virus indefinitely and until this virus is under control. Some companies (Epic) are making everyone return and others (Google) are playing it safe and work at home is their new norm. Again, amongst companies the spectrum of concern is widely varied as well as with workers. No one has a schematic for this virus and it was not in any disaster recovery plans that I am aware of.


I’m in all next week and am hoping there is a time we can have a discussion on these talking points. I also heard there may be another Network Security need at CLIENT COMPANY. I’m not sure but assume you may have ownership if it indeed exists.


Thanks CLIENTS FIRST NAME, CANDIDATE is loving the challenges and looking forward to more in the future at CLIENT COMPANY. Enjoy the weekend and our fleeting summer,



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