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My Resume’s in the “Black hole!” – Ask the Expert!

My Resume’s in the “Black hole!”

by: Mark Rowbottom – President of Recruiters of Wisconsin – ROW


Have you ever felt lousy after leaving what you believe to be a very compelling message, text or email and receive no response? Welcome to 2017.


If you really want this feeling, send your resume into a company via website, job board or any other means and get ready to enter the “Black hole”. Some people make it out and actually get hired and you may have been one of the fortunate ones! Consider yourself fortunate and maybe a little lucky. Being the right applicant at the right time heightens the chance of a hire.


“I’ve never heard back from them?”


Sending in a resume results in no response at all. Don’t think you are “special” because this is an experience many candidates have had. Back in the day, (aging myself) applicants would receive rejection letters. These letters were thankful, consoling and often left a glimmer of hope. “We will keep your application on file” was a common response.


This may have given you some hope, stringing you along for a bit and left you feeling okay. “I’m still in consideration – Yes!”


The Black hole is different – we are in a new age. We delete emails and throw out most of our mail. Voicemails go unheard and we block people.


No answer has become the answer.


Wow – now that is the ultimate “Black hole.”


May I make a suggestion that could improve your chances of receiving any type of response?


Do your research by using the internet and various boards. Jump on LinkedIn and find a connection at any level and send a message, create your own contact within the company and use it as a highway to communication. People and relationships are the core to any great hire or job.


Working with a reputable recruiting firm vastly improves your chances of an interview and a response.  [There are many to choose from among ROW member firms.]


Get yourself connected and avoid the Black hole.


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