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Ask the Expert : 180 Day Guarantee?

ASK THE EXPERT:  By Mark Rowbottom.

My client wants a 180 day guarantee.  How do I respond?  The client tells me that other recruiters agree to this.  This is an opportunity to differentiate you and your company from the others.  This is an opportunity for you to qualify the client.  Express understanding of their desire to minimize risks.
Then, ask some leading questions.

  • Have the other recruiters delivered quality candidates?
  • Has this happened at their company in the past/recently?
  • Is there a pattern of people leaving within the 1st six months of employment?
  • Why would people want to leave your company?

Demonstrate your success.  We have several people that have been employed for 10+ years with our clients.  This is why our clients continue to work with us.  This is why you should work with us.  Good hires/candidates don’t quit within 6 months.

Discuss the possibility of a potential renewal fee for each year beyond the guarantee.  Renewal fees for superior people or a bonus fee when people are promoted.

Restate your understanding of their desire to minimize risks.  State your responsibility for providing quality candidates.  Recruiting(your responsibility) and retention(their responsibility) are separate issues.

Examples:    Suicide    Inheritance    Wrongful Death    Family Issues

Guarantee them a great hire, great service and let them know how you/your firm will minimize the chances of a bad hire.
Reassure them your firm will stay in touch with any hire beyond a 30 day guarantee.

Reasons you will stay in touch are:

  1. You become a good confidant and many times, friends, with your people.
  2. To make sure the client is holding up their end of the bargain or honors the
  3. promises they have made.
  4. You want to insure they have their desks, computer, parking spot, etc.
  5. Guarantee Great Service!
  6. Use the opportunity to test your client and get the best job order you can.

You may be dodging a bullet.

What is your problem?  I know you have one:)

Please email you problem to:  Mark Rowbottom

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