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A Recruiter’s Biggest Competitor

A Recruiter’s Biggest Competitor

In our business, our biggest competitor is not other recruiters. It is the fear of change and the fear of the unknown in the candidate’s mind. We are in the business of recruiting exceptional candidates who are ‘passive candidates’ and not actively looking. That’s where the margin is in executive search. So when you engage these people on the phone and you find out that there is some hope of them considering other opportunities, you need to hold on to that openness in their mind and never let it go. What can kill the deal, and at any point in the process, is their fear of change and the fear of the unknown.

How do we overcome this enemy, the fear of change in the candidate’s mind? The biggest killer to trust with candidates is your own selfish motive of collecting a fee. If all they sense is that you see them as walking invoices, they won’t trust you.

Use this phrase below as a way to help build trust with candidates… and become a search firm with a ‘Trusted Candidate Advisor’ model

Assuming the candidate agrees to meet with your client, say this: “From this point on, Joe, my role is to facilitate the process of you and my client getting to know each other. I will present you to them, there are going to be a series of meetings which I will prep you for as we progress, and if there is an offer, I am going to get involved in facilitating the discussion surrounding it. And at any point if you are not interested in going forward with my client, then that’s okay. Just tell me that. This is your career, and you need to do what is only in your own personal best interests.”

Your job with candidates is to build trust, bring down walls, and have them bond with you. Become a pressure valve, not a pressure-builder.


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